Coconut Charcoal - Dry Powder

Coconut based activated carbon or activated charcoal is an amorphous structure of carbon developed from the incomplete combustion of carbonaceous organic material. An oxidizing gas discharge initiates it at raised temperatures transferred over its exterior to make a unique network of pores, creating materials with massive surface area and high affinity for numerous substances. It is practised as a gastric decontaminant and emergency medicine to handle poisonings following extreme oral ingestion of certain drugs or toxins by absorbing most drugs.

However, its effects are rendered deficient on some compounds including bases, methanol, strong acids and substances with limited absorptive capacity (including arsenic, lithium, iron). It works by merging to the poison in the gastric contents in a reversible method thus may be administered concurrently with a cathartic to reduce the short intestine transit time. The clinical applications of activated charcoal occurred in the early 1800s. This administration for acute poisoning is deemed relatively invasive, the World Health Organization's Directory of Essential Medicines that includes the various important medications needed in a fundamental health system.

Natural Coconut Charcoal powder is available with us. These powders are produced safely and purely with GMP and ISO certified manufacturers.

COA will be available with purchases over 5Kgs.

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