Bhringraj - Dry Powder

Botanical Name - Eclipta Alba

Bhringraj is an annual herbaceous plant, commonly known as a false daisy. It is an erect or prostrate, much-branched, roughly hairy, rooting at the nodes. The leaves are different; it's lanceolate & sessile. It is also known as Karisalankanni in Tamil. It could be found as a common weed or cultivated throughout India ascending to 6000 Ft. Principal active compounds of the plant consist of coumestans like desmethyl wedelolactone, wedelolactone, furanocoumarins, oleanane & taraxastane glycosides.

Eclipta Alba is found in different sections of tropical and subtropical countries in South America, Asia, Africa. Eclipta Alba-the white-flowering, the black-fruiting, and the yellow-flowering, however, all three grow throughout India by rivers, marshes, and lakes or foothills of the Himalayas. It is an existing ingredient of several herbal formulations designated for liver ailments and shows an impact on liver cell generation. It is utilised as a diuretic & tonic in hepatic and spleen enlargement. Bhringraj has been used for catarrhal jaundice and skin disease treatments. The distilled extract of the plant has exhibited antiviral activity towards Ranikhet disease virus. Many parts of the plant are regularly used in hair oil in India. Fresh juice of leaves is utilised for improving appetite, enhancing digestion & a mild bowel regulator. Also commonly practised in viral hepatitis to promote bile flow and protect the parenchyma.

Bhringraj powder is used by many haircare brands to make products like shampoo, conditioners, serum, hair mask and other hair care products.

Natural Bhringraj powder is available with us. These powders are produced safely and purely with GMP and ISO certified manufacturers.

COA will be available with purchases over 5Kgs.

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