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Radish also known as Raphanus sativus, is a herbaceous annual or biennial plant in the family Brassicaceae, usually grown for its edible taproot. The Indian Radish exporter exports tonnes of radish abroad every year. The popularity of radish has been growing in the world. This may be a reason why Radish export from India has also been growing rapidly. The export of Radish includes the export of various varieties of the product.


Nutrients Calories 73 kcal
Total Carbohydrates 17g
Dietary Fiber 1.6g
Minerals Calcium
Vitamins Vitamin B-6
Vitamin C
Protein 4 g
Fats Fat 0g


Radish exporter from India exports various varieties of the vegetable including Pusa Desi, Pusa Chetki, Pusa Reshmi so on and so forth. The export of Radish from India includes the following key varieties.


Pusa Desi is a subtropical cultivar, suitable for sowing from the middle of August to October in the northern plains. The roots of this variety are pure white and tapering with a green stem end. This variety matures in 50-55 days after sowing. It is said to be suitable for sowing in northern India from mid-August to mid- October.


The Pusa Chetki variety has wider adaptability and can tolerate high temperatures. This variety is generally suitable for growing mid- March to mid- August in northern and central parts of India. The roots of this variety are medium long, stumpy, pure white, mildly pungent and mature in around 40-45 days.


The roots of this variety are 30-45cm long and white with green tinge on top. The Pusa Reshmi variety is suitable for early sowing usually from mid- September to mid-November. It can tolerate slightly higher temperatures too. The roots are ready for harvesting in around 55- 60 days.


The roots of the Japanese White variety are cylindrical, 25-30 cm long and have pure white skin, flesh crisp which is solid and mildly flavoured. This variety is suitable for growing between October- December in the plains and July September in the hills. This crop matures in around 60-65 days.


The roots of the Punjab Safed variety are white tapering, smooth, mild in taste, free of forking, 30-40 cm in length and 3-5 cm thick. This crop matures in around 50-60 days. It is suitable for sowing in September-October. Punjab Safed is a quick-growing variety with roots remaining edible for 10 days after attaining full size.


The roots of the Arka Nishant variety are long, marble white in colour, resistant to pithiness and premature bolting. The skin is shining red and smooth while the flesh is white, crisp, solid and mildly pungent. This crop matures in around 50-55 days.


The roots of Pusa Himani are 30-35 cm in length and 10- 12 cm in diameter. The skin is pure white while the flesh is crisp and sweet- flavoured with mild pungency. This crop matures in around 55 days. It is the only variety, which can be grown throughout the year in the hills except for the winter months.


The White Icicle is a medium-short European table variety of Radish, which matures in around 25-30 days. The roots of the White Icicle are around 12-15 cm long and 2-3 cm in diameter. The sowing time for this variety is from mid-October to February. The skin of the variety is pure white and the flesh is icy white, juicy and sweet- flavoured.


The Rapid Red White Tipped is an extra early European Table type, which matures in around 25-30 days. The roots of this variety are smooth, small, round, bright red with white tip, flesh pure white crisp and snappy. The sowing time for this variety is from mid- October to February.

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