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Indian Drumstick Exporters

The pods of the Drumstick or Moringa tree are generally long, smooth-skinned, dark green in color, and three-sided. Drumstick exporter in India export tonnes of Drumsticks every year to different countries in the world. Drumsticks can be used in many recipes and are known for their nutritional qualities. This may be one of the reasons why Drumstick export from India has increased. The Drumstick import from India is now a growing business opportunity.


Nutrients Calories - 64 calories
Dietary Fiber - 2 g
Carbohydrate 8.3 g
Protein 9.4g
Vitamins Vitamin C
Vitamin K
Vitamin B12
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Minerals Calcium


The Drumstick exporter in India exports various varieties of Drumsticks including KM-1, PKM-1, PKM-2, Dhanraj so on and so forth. The premium quality of all these varieties is exported to many countries in the world. Here are some of the key varieties involved in the Drumstick export from India.


This variety of Drumsticks is usually bushy and is propagated through seeds. The plants of this variety come to bear 6 months after planting and can be rationed for 2-3 years. The productivity of KM-1 is around 400-500 fruits/year. This variety of drum stick was developed at Anna Pannai, Kudumianmalai of Pudukkottai.

PKM – 1

The PKM-1 variety of Drum Stick is generally propagated through seeds. It was developed at Horticultural Research Station, TNAU, Periyakulam. The plants of this variety grow to a height of about 4-6 m and come to flower in around 90-100 days after planting. The first harvest starts about 160-170 days after planting.


This variety of Drum Stick was also developed at Horticultural Research Station, TNAU, Periyakulam. The pods of PKM 2 are extra long (125-130 cm) and pulpy. These are said to be suitable for homesteads.


Dhanraj is an annual drumstick propagated through seeds and is evolved at KRC College of agriculture, UAS, Arabhavi, Karnataka. This is a variety of Drum Stick which is exported to many countries in the world.


Jaffna moringa is a perennial type of plant. It is a variety of Drum sticks that is exported abroad. It bears around 60-90 cm long pods with soft flesh and a good taste.


The Chavakacheri muringa is a variety of drumsticks which is exported to many parts of the world. It is a perennial type of plant producing 90-120 cm long pods.


The Chemmuringa is a perennial type of crop. It has flowers throughout the year and bears red tipped fruits. The Chemmuringa is a variety of Drumstick which is exported from India by many vendors.


The Pal muringai is another variety of Drumstick which can be exported abroad from India. The pods of this variety have a thickened pulp and a better taste as compared to other varieties of Drumsticks.


The Puna muringa is a variety of Drumsticks which is exported abroad from India to many different countries in the world. The fruits of this variety are thinner as compared to the other varieties of Drumsticks.


This variety produces short pods that are 15-20 cm long. The Kodikal muringa is also used as support for betel vine plants. This variety of drum sticks is said to be propagated by seeds.

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