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Cucumber is a widely cultivated creeping vine widely used as a vegetable. The Indian Cucumber exporter exports tonnes of cucumber to various countries in the world. Cucumber has various uses and benefits and is, therefore, the Cucumber export from India has been on a rise over the years. The export of Cucumber is now a great business opportunity for the local vendors and farmers in India.


Nutrients Calories - 45 calories
Dietary Fiber - 2 g
Total Carbohydrate - 11 g
Protein 2g
Vitamins Vitamin C
Vitamin K
Minerals Magnesium


The Cucumber exporter in India exports various varieties of cucumbers from India including Ashley, Japanese Long Green, Pusa Sanyog so on and so forth. The cucumbers exported from India should be of premium quality and should adhere to the health and safety standards of the government. The Cucumber export from India includes the following major varieties.


Ashley is an heirloom cultivar and a prolific producer of dark green, six to eight-inch fruits. The fruits have a slight taper on the stem end. The fruits of this variety are ready to harvest in around 65 days. This cultivar is resistant to downy mildew and is a good option for growers in hot and humid conditions.


The Japanese Long Green variety of Cucumbers is sweet-tasting and crisp. It is mild and easy to digest. The fruits of this variety grow up to a foot long and have few seeds. This variety is known to be one of the best Japanese varieties for the home garden. A second planting in early summer is recommended for fall harvest for his variety.


The Pusa Sanyog is an F1 hybrid variety of cucumbers (Japanese Gynoecious line X Green Long of Naples). This variety is an early and high yielding one with cylindrical and dark green fruits with yellow stripes. The flesh is crisp and the variety matures in about 50 days.


The Pant Khira 1 variety of cucumbers is a selection from inbreds of indigenous germplasm at Pantnagar, released in the year 2001. The fruits of this variety are around 20 cm long and cylindrical in shape with light, white stripes. The yield of this variety is approximately 150 q/ha.


The Pant Sankar Khira 1 variety is a hybrid (PCUC 28 X PCUC 8) developed at Pantnagar and was released in 1999. The fruits of this variety are about 20 cm long. The yield potential of this variety is about 200 q/ha.


The Bush Champion variety of cucumber is a bush style cucumber. This variety of cucumber is a compact variety and only grows to a height of around 20cm with a spread of around 60cm. It is therefore ideal to grow in containers or raised beds.


The Dasher II variety of cucumbers is also called Cucumis sativus. It is an early producing plant and produces high yields of around 8 to 10" long dark green cucumbers. This variety is known to be one of the highest yielding cucumber variety available. It is also known to be one of the most disease-resistant cucumbers in the market.


The Diva variety of cucumbers are deliciously sweet and great for slicing or pickling. This variety is burpless, bitter-free, and seedless fruit with thin, tender skin. It is also pest-resistant and produces heavy yields of fruits.


The harvest for the Early Pride starts early and keeps on producing for many weeks. The fruits of this variety are dark green in colour and are 8 1/2" by 2". The cucumbers of this variety have crisp and juicy flesh. Sowing seeds 6" apart in rows, or planting 5 or 6 seeds in groups 4-5' apart is an ideal situation for good growth of this variety of cucumbers.


The Fanfare variety of cucumbers produces high yields of crisp, delicious 9-inch slicing cucumbers which are less bitter. With its compact 2-3-foot vines this variety is generally used for containers or to fill in small garden spaces. The Fanfare variety also offers good disease resistance.


The Poinsett varieties of cucumbers are great for a bountiful harvest of dark green, straight cucumbers. The fruits are produced on plants that resist many common diseases, including mildews, anthracnose, scab, and angular leaf spot.

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